Monday, January 6, 2020

The Referral Rate At Bank X From The Existing 6 % Down

FINDINGS DISCUSSION Within this section the Author intends to present the results of implementing the research methodology as developed in the earlier section accompanied with discussion and interpretation of the findings on how they address the research question (How to lower the referral rate at Bank X from the existing 6% down to industry average levels). The required information was collected via quantitative and qualitative methods of research using primary and secondary data. This information was then collated within tables so that a comparative analysis can be conducted to arrive at findings. The findings will be discussed by comparing top 5 banks against each other on key aspects of online security and customer experience. An†¦show more content†¦The remaining questions were developed keeping in mind the qualitative aspects of the research. Questions 4 11, address exploration of types and categories of online fraud risks including where it is committed. The majority of the remaining qu estions 5, 6, 7, 8 as well as 11 were developed to elicit information on processes and practices used by banks to detect, prevent and respond to acts of fraud in online banking transactions resulting in unauthorised payments. The identification of whether Anti-Money Laundering processes are separate from general fraud risk management processes is covered in question 9. Question 10 addresses how the correlation of advancement in fraud risk management technology has impacted the increase or reduction in referral rates for unauthorised payments. The banks’ operate in a very competitive environment and whereas safety and security in online banking is a major area of concern to the customers they also want convenience and speed from their banks in conducting these transactions. Question 12 13 were developed to address the overall satisfaction of the customer in this area. According to the methodology plan, the first step was to pilot test the questionnaire with Bank X and an external bank with respect to its structure and the feasibility of the contents in receiving a positive response. The contacts within the two pilot banks after checking with relevant departments responded with feedback that conveyed their concern

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